Review from a working first time mom...

"I was at a point in my life when I was tired of battling my anxiety and self-destructive behavior patterns alone. I decided to call Julie after finding her website. From our first phone call, I knew she was the right person to help me. She did a wonderful job of truly getting to know me so she could give me the tools I needed to face my depression/anxiety and begin living my life with a clearer mind and lighter heart. She taught me how to live whole-heartedly and how to slow down through mindfulness, which was very effective for me. Julie is amazing and I can safely say that picking up the phone that day was one of the best decisions I have made. Thank you Julie!"

From a trauma survivor....

"Julie has literally been a God send to me. I tried another therapist prior to her, but I just couldn't get comfortable enough to really begin working on myself. I have a deep history of abuse & right away Julie made me feel comfortable enough to share every dark experience I've had with no judgment. She firmly yet lovingly helps me to understand me & guides me in a way that leaves me feeling empowered. I have made positive changes in my life not only in the area of releasing trauma, but also in making positive changes right now that allow me to rely on myself even when I have no one else. I was in a very low place before I contacted her & do not regret the choice to do so one bit. If you are lucky enough to become her client, you won't either. I actually intuitively chose her & she responded immediately, that was my first empowering choice. She is always there for me without allowing me to cling to her & always reminds me that I have the power right now to make a choice that best serves me.  I have lots of work to do but I feel confident that I can & will do it. Thank you Julie for helping me take back my power."

From an opioid addict in recovery...

"Julie has helped me grow beyond what I could’ve ever imagined was possible for myself. I began seeing Julie at a point in my life where I was mentally, physically and spiritually lost. Being in recovery for substance abuse, OCD, and anxiety, she gave me the direction I needed to look introspectively to find my true authentic self at a time when I had no self-worth. She asked the hard questions regarding core beliefs about myself and the lenses in which I viewed the world. From there we were able to work on myself through a wide range of practices such as EMDR therapy, CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical-behavioral therapy), and psychodynamic therapy. I have seen many therapists throughout my life, but not one that has stuck. After meeting Julie, though, I have been seeing her for over a year on a regular basis. Julie has the power to save lives. I know this because she helped me save mine."

From a touring artist/songwriter/mom struggling with panic, anxiety and depression

"Have you ever felt like you've heard someone say something a thousand times- but finally the right person says it so simply and it clicks? And you think to yourself, "where have you been all my life?!" We'll, that's how I feel about Julie. God only knows how hard it is to find the right therapist-take it from me:) I've seen quite a few in my little lifetime. Julie is the closest I've come to helping me see the light at the end of my tunnel. She's has a gift. She is a gift.

Not only does she listen compassionately but she carefully offers insight that helps me see myself clearer. I sincerely feel in my heart of hearts that I'm the closest I've ever been to getting to the bottom of real things in my life-and finally being free for the first time-and it hasn't taken too long to get here with her either.  Julie not only has the wisdom, the tools, the gift of insight, but offers new ideas and ways for me to think when I'm in my regular day to day-(which right now is very unglamorous-lots of nose wiping and diaper changes.) Even her speaking voice is soothing!

We cannot get through this wonderful and hard journey alone. I believe we heal when someone else holds a mirror up for us and helps us see ourselves even clearer than we ever have before or ever could all on our own. Julie has that kind of mirror. I'm connecting the dots for the first time. I'm learning how my past hurts have been sitting in my present day. I'm learning how to go back, shine a light on them, admit what I needed then, and leave em there, in my past and gracefully move forward. I am not that little girl anymore. I can take care of her now and give her what she needs and what she's always been asking for- it's the same thing my darling little boys want; security, to be listened to, protected, unconditionally loved, and a safe place to fall-free of judgement. That little girl who still dwells in my heart, wearing those cute little sundresses, looking for her mom and dad to see her-well, she doesn't have to put on a show for anyone anymore. She already shines, just as she is. I see her now. I see how wonderful she is. Guess what? That means I see that in myself!

Have you seen the movie, the Sixth Sense? If so, do you remember all the ghosts that seemed so terrifying that kept appearing in front of the boy? If you remember, by the end of the film, he learned that all he had to do was listen to them, give them what they wanted/needed and they went away. That's exactly the kind of work I feel like Julie's been helping me do. You realize those ghosts from your past weren't so scary after all. They just needed something then. Recognizing that, going back and replacing those needs with the truth is setting me free. I'm hopeful for you because I'm hopeful for me:)

I'm just like you, we are all on common ground after all- though we experienced different hurts to get us here-our hurts similarly left us wounded, and It just takes one of the "good ones" like Julie,  to help us find our footing again-or maybe even, for the very first time. This life is a vapor. I want to live it as fully as possible. I think I'm finally getting there. Thank you Julie!"

From a client in recovery struggling with infidelity in her marriage...

" When I first called Julie, I was hopeful that she could make some healthy decisions for me . I did not have the confidence that I could make them for myself. We then embarked on a journey, through several different methods, including EMDR, to begin my healing. Somewhere during that journey, I regained my voice and myself. I am not sure where or when I lost them both. Through Julie's kind, non-judgemental methods, I was able to open up and heal longstanding pain and regain the ability to make those good decisions and so much more."