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Maybe you’ve been singing forever and feel your voice isn’t working the same way as it used to when you were young, so you need a tune up. Or maybe you’re feeling a lot of anxiety all of the sudden when you’re writing or performing and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Or maybe you just feel lost in your craft or overwhelmed by everything and everyone coming at you and it’s causing you some sadness. Or maybe you just feel stuck and have no idea what you want or where you are going anymore. No matter what is specifically going on for you, I believe you can get clear and move whatever is standing in your way, so you can move forward.

First Session/Intake:

70-90 minutes $150

In our first session we get to know each other, while I gather background information to help us design a plan together for what voice remedy will look like for you.

General Sessions:

Sessions are generally 50 minutes long, but I also book longer sessions depending on the need and what we are specifically working toward. Sessions over 2 hours or specific location requests are also available upon request.

50 minutes - $125

75 minutes - $188

110 minutes - $250

**Spotlight Package-$1150 (appx. 10% discount) Includes 10 Voice Remedy sessions when paid in advance

**Grammy Package-$1970 (5% discount) Includes 10 Voice Remedy sessions, 4 Kudalini Yoga sessions with certified Kundalini & Yoga Trauma instructor-Lindsay Garric AND 2 Equine/Adventure Therapy sessions with certified Equine and Adventure Therapist-Megan Repass

Where do you fit in?


So, where do you fit into the Voice Remedy program?

Here is a breakdown of four areas that my clients usually fall into. I have designed programs specific to each area utilizing experiential therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR (when appropriate), bodywork, grounding skills and mindfulness.

  1. NOT WORKING THE SAME AS IT USED TO ~ I need a performance shape-up or tune-up~

  2. ANXIOUS ~ Anxiety is coming from somewhere and is getting in the way of my creativity and performance ~
  3. DEPRESSED ~ I think I may be depressed and it’s affecting the way I perform and write ~
  4. GENERALLY STUCK ~ I just feel like I’ve hit a wall & I have no clue what I’m doing anymore ~

Whatever it is you are going through, you are WORTH figuring it out. If something isn’t right, it's up to you to fix it.

Speaking Engagements


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