So, where do you fit into the Voice Remedy program?

Here is a breakdown of four areas that my clients usually fall into. I have designed programs specific to each area utilizing experiential therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR (when appropriate), bodywork, grounding skills and mindfulness.

  1. NOT WORKING THE SAME AS IT USED TO ~ I need a performance shape-up or tune-up~

  2. ANXIOUS ~ Anxiety is coming from somewhere and is getting in the way of my creativity and performance ~
  3. DEPRESSED ~ I think I may be depressed and it’s affecting the way I perform and write ~
  4. GENERALLY STUCK ~ I just feel like I’ve hit a wall & I have no clue what I’m doing anymore ~

Whatever it is you are going through, you are WORTH figuring it out. If something isn’t right, it's up to you to fix it.